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Help me choose a dress! Trying on a bunch of formal, evening dresses for a charity gala I have this weekend. These would be great for any formal or black tie holiday function too!

Teeth whitener
Aero Self Tanner (I haven’t tried the new shades yet but dying to! I just use the original)

Black sequin dress (S) also comes in silver
Gold long sleeve dress (2)
Black velvet off the shoulder dress (2) also comes in burgundy
Gold/black lace dress (2)
Black strapless dress (XS)
Burgundy corset/off the shoulder dress (XS)
Also comes in blush: http://bit.ly/32k0yFf

Lip color: NYX Push Up
Nail color: ANC Cherry Wood
Bathrobe: TJMaxx

Mirror: craigslist!
Storage system: http://bit.ly/2WsoRlx

*not sponsored + bought everything myself!
Rajan Bafti :

Khosi Penelope : You look beautiful in all of them! I like number 1 and 6 the most
Sophie Lewis : one of the sparkly ones xxx
Sophie Lewis : definitely sequins for gala, first one or second? xxx what did she wear in the end xxx
Fem Fashion Spirit : i like your presenting skill ,so creative
Hi viewers i am a fashion freak! like yo, would you like to start a journey with me?????????????????????
i am boy who interested in ladies fashion
Gourab Roy : You look beautiful on dresses 1,4 and 5. My mother has fallen in love with those dresses after watching your video. And now she wants to wear them. Love from India.
Sara Parvez : Hey can I use some clips :)
Choose Burgundy Colors For 10 Years Of Good Luck! : You look cute in burgundy #NotStayingBlueToday #BurgundyColors
julie Larsen : How tall are you? You look so gorgeous in all of them!
Amelia Phagoo : i'm alittle late to the game but i love this video! super helpful. I'd like to order a dress to north america from the last shop (meshki), were there heavy duties and taxes?

Miss Universe 2018 - Evening Gown Competition

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/LetBelieveinyourdream
instagram : https://www.instagram.com/letbelieveinyourdream
Finley Marak : I love Vietnam walk.........
jin ist König : And to this day I still cannot get over Philippines and Vietnam! ❣
dose TV : 2:08
Panachain Nuyon : This year Miss Vietnam has the very strong, elegantly outstanding and sophisticated, confident look on the stage.
Jesus_Alimboyogen : 2:08 was still the best!
Luis Cisneros : El vestido más bello (The Best Evening Gown). ❤

10 - Nepal: Sofisticado
09 - Venezuela: Sublime
08 - Canadá: Reina Medieval
07 - Costa Rica: Diosa del oceano
06 - Tailandia: De lujo
05 - Vietnam: Impactante
04 - Filipinas: Sensualidad
03 - Puerto Rico: Diosa del Olimpo
02 - Sudáfrica: Elegancia moderna
01 - Curacao: Espectacular
iVibe Musical : Buti nalang talaga kay lu sierra napunta si catriona sa commenting kung kay carson ewan nalang “I don’t like the highslit the vaginable is seeing there...”
Joseph Angelo Sy : Strongest walk - vietnam. Best evening gown - catriona.
Adam Imam : I watch this video daily thrice
Três Mosqueteiros : Omg.. I'd launch a thousand ships just to get Catriona over.. If I can afford it. Shes so beautiful.. It hurts.

Mick Jagger - Evening Gown

Mick Jagger performing "Evening Gown" from his solo album "Wandering Spirit" at Webster Hall, New York City on February 9, 1993.
Tenacious D : Sam Kinnison rips on lead guitar.
Mario Duci : Inimitable voice
ורד לביא : ❤️❤️❤️
paul obermeyer : Those lyrics are so real to my actual lifestyle
paul obermeyer : Great ballad one of micks best
Susan Predis : Happy 75 Mick. Hope to see you again
Rebecca Monk : I want to kiss Mick Jagger ~
Kenneth Wilder : I went to Memphis TN to see the Stones, they really put on a great show. For someone of Mick's age he really gets around on stage.
Sweetassugar : I love you mick Jagger!
psiconsultorio : Some shagging done with this song when i was 18...now i,m 40


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